What You Can Do To Make Post-divorce Out-of-state Relocation Easier

Your post-divorce life will have several challenges that must be dealt with in order to move on from the pain that the separation brought for you and your kids. You must, furthermore, shore up the courage to make an out-of-state move for whatever reason, such as better job opportunities, child care, and medical care. Whatever your reason, here are a few things that you can keep in mind to make the relocation easier and faster.

Talk with Your Ex-spouse

If it is still possible, you should discuss your plan in general with your ex-spouse regardless of whether the divorce was amicable or hostile in nature. Your decision in this matter will have legal and non-legal implications, such as the provisions on division on property, child support, and spousal support outlined in your divorce papers as well as the impact on your children.  You may even find assistance in many forms from your ex-spouse in this matter especially when you discussed the reasons for your move.

Ensure the Liveability of the New Place

You should avoid packing up and moving with the kids with little to no idea of your new abode, such as just winging it and checking into motels along the way. You are making the post-divorce transition for your kids easier when they know that you have planned the relocation matter well, from packing their personal things to settling into their new home. You should then have checked the new abode – or at the very least, your real estate agent checked it and ensured its liveability – before moving in with the kids.  

Plan Your Packing Schedule

You must think of the post-divorce relocation as an efficient and effective operation, so plan accordingly. You will find plenty of resources about packing on the Internet, from setting up a schedule to packing the items in boxes, which you can use. Your children can become involved in the entire process, too, with their tasks depending on their ages.  

Hire a Moving Company

At least two weeks before your planned move, you should have hired a moving company or booked a for-lease truck for your things. You will find several companies offering these services, such as Enterprise and U-Haul with your job being to find out the pros and cons of their packages.  You will be required to use your credit card for paying for the services so be ready with it, too.

Indeed, your divorce may have been painful in many ways but your decision to relocate is a step in the right direction toward enjoying a new, perhaps better, life for you and your kids.

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