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Are you looking for information about Lowes truck rental?  For more than 60 years now, Lowe’s has been helping millions of Americans in making their homes more comfortable to live in.

And it has also truck rental services aimed at enabling its clients to move their cargo more efficiently at very reasonable rates. This article will look at Lowe’s history and company overview, products and services as well as its truck rental business.

Item Price

Truck Rental

First 90 Minutes $19.00
Every 5 Minutes After That $5.00
All Day Rental $89.00
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History and Company Overview

Lowe’s traces its roots to the North Wilkesboro Hardware Company which was founded in 1921 in Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Lucius Lowe founded it, and the company began as a small hardware store. Lowe’s started as a small hardware store where one could buy almost everything from bicycles to overalls, horse collars, overalls, and work boots.

In 1940, Mr. Lowe died and the company was sold to his brother Jim.  Three years later, the son-in-law of Lowe, H. Carl Buchan, became a partner of Jim. Buchan saw the need for a chain of hardware stores in the U.S.

Eventually, Buchan seized total control of the company. He had the foresight to anticipate that there would be a building boom after the World War, so he concentrated on selling building materials, hardware and even appliances.

Lowe’s became a household name in neighboring towns of Wilkesboro and throughout the western side of North Carolina for its low prices. This was achieved by  dealing directly with manufacturers and completely eliminating wholesalers.  Soon enough Lowe’s sales grew in impressive fashion and more stores opened.

By the turn of the 1950s, Carol Buchan had come aboard to become owner of the business. Stores were opened in Charlotte, Asheville, and Durham in 1955.  He managed to grow the business to 15 stores by the end of the decade.

In the next 20 years, Lowe’s underwent a massive expansion. In 1961, it went public. By 1979, it was already a member of the New York Stock Exchange.

During the ‘60s to ‘80s, the housing industry in the United States was experiencing rapid growth. Lowe’s was able to capitalize on this by building good relationships with professional builders. Many professional builders became loyal customers of the company, driving its business to record highs.

In 1982, Lowe’s scored its first billion-dollar sales with a profit of $25 million, which was then an all-time high. It was during this time, too, that the company recognized the emergence of DIY (do-it-yourself) homeowners who wanted to improve their properties without paying for the services of professional builders or home remodelers.

Today, Lowe’s is the second largest home improvement retailer in the world. It is also the seventh largest retailer in the United States. It has also expanded overseas after launching an outlet in Canada in 2007 and in Mexico three years later.

A typical Lowe’s store sells more than 40,000 products and up to this day, it has kept its reputation for selling reasonably priced home improvement products. Its customer service is also top-notch.

There are more than 1,800 Lowe’s stores across North America. Lowe’s is estimated to assist 15 million customers every week, and that includes retail and professional customers. Lowe’s has more than 260,000 full time and part-time employees. The average floor area of a Lowe’s outlet is 145,000 square feet.

Services and Equipment Offered

Lowe’s has a big supply chain network comprising of more than 30 automated centers. With such an extensive network, transportation of stock merchandise is efficiently delivered.

Lowe’s offers home improvement products and appliances. Here, you can find kitchen and dining items, utility and storage items, lawn and garden tools, and even products for kids and babies.

If you are to rebuild or remodel your house, you’ll get the products you need at any Lowe’s stores. The same goes if you intend to go into gardening as a hobby, or decorate your room, or organize, store and move.

Lowe’s has installation services. In case you are not sure how to install a certain appliance in your home like a ceiling fan or a dishwasher, you can ask for assistance from Lowe’s personnel who can do the task for you quickly and safely.

Lowe’s also offers truck rental services. Lowes truck rental prices are inclusive of fuel and insurance. Lowe’s has partnered with Hertz for its truck rental service, making it easier for customers to rent a truck at any given time and for at any given duration.

By renting a truck from Lowes you won’t have to take the risk of damaging your vehicle especially if the item you are transporting is too heavy for your car or van.

How to Make a Reservation

There are two ways to make a reservation for a truck rental at Lowe’s. First is to go online at Lowes.com or at Hertz247.com/Lowes. You can then ask about the availability of the truck you are interested in hiring either by mailing an e-mail inquiry or doing it the old-fashioned way by contacting the store. Then find a store nearest you, fill out the forms, and go to the store to pick up your vehicle.

You can also go to a Hertz kiosk to book your choice of truck. You will be given an access card to locate your vehicle, which is parked outside the Lowe’s store. When you are done, simply drop off the truck where you picked it up.

In case the  Lowe’s store nearest you does not have a Hertz kiosk, you can inquire at the customer service desk for information on how to make a reservation.  You will be asked documents like your driver’s license, credit card and insurance.

Lowes truck rental price is quite competitive meaning you can be assured that the rental fee is reasonable enough. With Lowes rental, you can bring a newly purchased home improvement appliance from the store to your home, or transport heavy cargoes like furniture from the store to your office.  Contact the Lowe’s store nearest you for more information on Lowes truck rental cost.

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