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Searching for Enterprise truck rental prices? Enterprise Truck Rental is a division of Enterprise-Rent-a-Car, a leading vehicle rental company headquartered in Missouri, U.S.A. Enterprise rental prices are very competitive, and the company boasts of a fleet of modern trucks for your towing and moving requirements.

Below are the latest Enterprise rental prices.

Item Price

Price Per Day

Monday - Friday

Economy (Mitsubishi Mirage or Similar) $36.94
Compact (Nissan Versa or Similar) $36.97
Intermediate (Hyundai Elantra or Similar) $40.40
Standard (Kia Soul or Similar) $44.98
Full Size (Toyota Camry or Similar) $45.01
Premium (Nissan Maxima or Similar) $55.01
Small Pickup (Nissan Frontier or Similar) $63.99
Compact SUV (Ford Eco Sport or Similar) $68.56
Intermediate SUV (Toyota RAV4 or Similar) $69.56
Standard SUV (Hyundai Santa Fe or Similar) $72.56
Pickup (Ford F150 or Similar) $139.87
7 Passenger Minivan (Dodge Grand Caravan or Similar) $118.46

Saturday and Sunday

Economy (Mitsubishi Mirage or Similar) (Saturday and Sunday) $40.00
Compact (Nissan Versa or Similar) (Saturday and Sunday) $42.00
Intermediate (Hyundai Elantra or Similar) (Saturday and Sunday) $44.00
Standard (Kia Soul or Similar) (Saturday and Sunday) $46.00
Full Size (Toyota Camry or Similar) (Saturday and Sunday) $48.00
Intermediate SUV (Toyota RAV4 or Similar) (Saturday and Sunday) $53.99
Premium (Nissan Maxima or Similar) (Saturday and Sunday) $55.99
Pickup (Ford F150 or Similar) (Saturday and Sunday) $59.99
Compact SUV (Ford Eco Sport or Similar) (Saturday and Sunday) $63.55
Standard SUV (Hyundai Santa Fe or Similar) (Saturday and Sunday) $63.99
Small Pickup (Nissan Frontier or Similar) (Saturday and Sunday) $63.99
7 Passenger Minivan (Dodge Grand Caravan or Similar) (Saturday and Sunday) $89.99
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History and Company Overview

Enterprise Truck Rental was founded in 1999. But its mother firm, Enterprise-Rent-A-Car, has been in existence since 1957 when it was established by Jack Taylor. The firm was originally called “Executive Leasing Company” but was soon renamed as “Enterprise” in 1969 in honor of the aircraft carrier where he served during the World War.

Taylor’s idea was that customers would appreciate the benefits of leasing vehicles instead of buying them. Of course, conventional thinking that people would rather buy vehicles instead of renting. Yet Taylor was able to prove that his wisdom would reap dividends.

When Taylor renamed his company to “Enterprise” it also signaled the company’s expansion outside of St. Louis, Missouri. In 1974, a rental manager in Orlando, Florida thought of introducing a service that provided his customers with a free ride to his office. The programme caught the attention of many that other businesses thought it would be great to adapt the said idea.

Before the ‘90s came, the group had more than 800 offices in the United States. Its fleet had grown to 100,000 vehicles and the brand Enterprise Rent-A-Car had grown into an entity with an annual $500 million revenue.

Today, the company has more than a million vehicles in its fleet. It has more than 82,000 employees and found in 8,200 locations around the globe.

Taylor’s vision for the company has remained through the years. He was the first to recognize that customer retention is very significant to the business.  He also empowered his employees to make decisions directly affecting their clients.

Taylor also allowed his branch managers to run their outlets as if it’s their own enterprise. To encourage his personnel to work harder, a base portion of their income comes from branch profits.

To date, Enterprise Truck Rental has close to 200 locations in 38 states in the U.S.

Services and Equipment Offered

Enterprise Truck Rental has vehicles that can be rented on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Its fleet of trucks includes ¾ to 1 ton pickup trucks, cargo vans, straight trucks, stake bed trucks which are all specifically intended for commercial use.  Enterprise rentals for trucks are available for short or long term use.

Enterprise truck rentals include 24 foot and 26 foot straight trucks with lift gate. These trucks have a maximum payload of 10,000 pounds, with tuck-under lift gates and commercially specified body. It can sit three persons and is air-conditioned with automatic transmission.

It also has a 16 foot cabover truck with lift gate with payload of up to 7,500 pounds, tuck-under lift gates, and three persons seating capacity.  Like almost all trucks of Enterprise Truck Rental, it is fully air conditioned and has an automatic transmission.

Enterprise’s range of pickup trucks varies from ½ ton to 1 ton four wheel drive versions. The ½ ton has a payload of 2,000 pounds while the ¾ ton has a payload of 4,000 pounds. The 1 ton pickup truck has a payload of 6,000 pounds.  All pickup trucks have short and long beds, extended and crew cabs, automatic transmission, and air conditioning.

The company also has cargo vans in its fleet. Cargo vans payload range from 2,000 to 3,000 pounds, with power steering and power brakes as well as AM/FM stereo. The heavy duty XL cargo van is available in extended lengths.

It also rents out high roof cargo vans with 3,500 pounds of payload, automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, and AM/FM radios.

For those needing more space, there are stake bed trucks for hire. These trucks have payloads of 6,000 pounds and 10,000 pounds, with fully removable sides and tuck-under lift gate. Seating is limited to three persons, and these trucks have air conditioning and automatic transmission.

Enterprise trucks appeal to businesses that want to be efficient when it comes to moving their cargo.  Instead of dealing with many administrative tasks related to the management and maintenance of their fleet, business owners can spend more time on their operations and growing their businesses.

With Enterprise trucks, businesses can efficiently transport their products in the quickest time possible as the vehicles are well-maintained. The trucks are also available whenever and wherever businesses may need them.

Enterprise trucks can accommodate the branding of its clients and can even accommodate specialized options, equipment, rental terms, billing and payment. The company also has customized rental programs stretching from six months or more of use.  Simply put, Enterprise truck rentals give more flexibility to businesses.

Enterprise truck rentals are also catered to retail customers who may be needing trucks for personal uses particularly in moving.

How to Make a Reservation

To make a reservation, simply go to http://www.enterprisetrucks.com/truckrental/en_US.html. The browser will redirect you to the Enterprise Truck Rental website, specifically to the page where you can reserve a truck or two for rent.

Then start making a reservation by choosing the date and time of the pick-up, and then the return date and the return time.  You will also have to select the vehicle type.

The browser will also ask for your age, since there are locations where age restrictions may apply.  Renters under 21 years of age have to call a number to inquire about making reservations.

You also have the option to modify or cancel your reservation. You can do so by going to the same webpage and clicking on the View/Modify/Cancel Reservation link, where you need to specify your name and reservation number.

Renting a truck from Enterprise Truck Rental makes a lot of sense not just for a person moving his things but also for businesses that don’t have a fleet of trucks or vehicles. Enterprise prices for truck rental are very competitive, giving their clients more savings instead of maintaining their own fleet.

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