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Do you want to know more about Home Depot truck rental prices?  Unknown to many, Home Depot not only sells tons of home improvement products but also rents equipment and even trucks. Home Depot rental prices are very competitive as well. And with more than 2,200 outlets in the United States, there should be a Home Depot branch near you that provides trucking rentals.

Below are the latest Home Depot rental prices.

Time OptionsPrice

Truck Rental

First 75 Minutes$19.00
Every 15 Minutes (after the initial 75 minutes) $5.00
One Additional Hour$20.00
Monthly $2,871.00
For any questions concerning the new fees, please contact management.

History and Company Overview

The Home Depot, or simply Home Depot, was established in 1978. Its founders were Bernie Marcus, Arthur Blank, Ken Langone and Pat Farrah. They envisioned a one-stop shopping center that would cater to people who like to do home projects by themselves.

That vision came to fruition a year later when the first two stores were opened on June 1979 in Atlanta, Georgia. The first stores were humongous with floor area of 60,000 square feet each. It also stocked 25,000 stock keeping units (SKUs) which was pretty much unheard of during that time.

Just two years after its first two stores were opened, Home Depot went public. Three years after, it moved to the New York Stock Exchange. It was the start of the growth of the company. In 1989 it opened its 100th outlet.

In 1994, the company expanded to Canada by buying Aikenhead. By the turn of the new millennium, it had already opened a store in Mexico with the acquisition of Total HOME. It then extended its reach out east with the acquisition of a 12-store chain called The Home Way which it used to open a presence in China.

Today,  there are more than 2,200 Home Depot retail stores in the United States, including the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico.  Home Depot is present in all 50 states of the U.S. Globally, it employs more than 360,000 personnel.

In 2014, Forbes named Home Depot as the 43rd most valuable brand in the world.  It is the largest home improvement retailer in the world and the fourth largest retailer in the United States. Globally, it is the fifth largest retailer.

Home Depot also boasts of having built the largest garden club in the world. Its Home Depot Foundation formed in 2002 has granted close to $270 million to non-profit organizations for the improvement of homes and lives in local communities.

Aside from being a superstore, Home Depot was able to make its mark in the industry by putting its customers first. Its personnel were trained to guide clients through projects like laying tile and even simple ones like handling a power tool.

Store personnel are not only trained to learn the products they offered themselves, but also to teach customers. Thus, Home Depot became a trail blazer in the home improvement industry by teaching customers how to use tools and saving them money in the process.

Home Depot promotes a bill of rights for customers, entitling them to the right quantity, price, and assortment. Home Depot’s customer service philosophy is ‘whatever it takes’ meaning their personnel will go all out to ensure that their clients will get the best and most reasonably priced product or service.  Home Depot also champions cultivating a relationship with their clients instead of merely effecting a transaction.

Services and Equipment Offered

Home Depot store inventory has more than 40,000 various types of building materials, appliances, home improvement supplies and lawn and garden products. Of course, selections may differ from outlet to outlet.

Home Depot offers home services, allowing millions of its customers to have qualified professionals work on home renovation projects. Services ranges from installation of kitchen cabinets, floors, roofs, windows and water heaters, amongst others.

You can also rent equipment from selected Home Depot stores.  Carpet cleaners, grinders, nailers, scaffoldings, ladders, planers and sanders are some of the things that you can rent from Home Depot.

Home Depot also offers truck rental services.  By renting from Home Depot, you can transport small and even large items safely to a job site without causing any unnecessary damage to your own vehicle which may not be adequately sized to carry heavy loads.

Home Depot truck rental cost is also very competitive.  Plus, rental locations are available in most Home Depot stores nationwide.  All Home Depot trucks are of automatic transmission and air-conditioned to give you a comfortable ride while you transport large items to and from your house and office.

How to Make a Reservation

You can start by going to the official website of Home Depot, www.homedepot.com. From there, find the Tool and Truck Rental link which is located on the upper portion of the website. Alternatively, you can simply type in your zip code in the Store Finder field.

To know if the store nearest you offers truck rental services, find the Truck Rental icon or description. If it does, contact the store to verify the information. Contact details are displayed on the store page.

Once you have verified that the store does have truck rental services, ask whether there is a truck that is available on the date you intend to move your cargo. You can also ask about Home Depot truck rental price.

After confirming the availability of a truck that you can rent, go to the outlet and drop by the Tool Rental Center or Special Services Desk. Present your driver’s license and valid vehicle insurance card. You would also be asked to present a major credit card and a Home Depot credit card.

After that, you would have to sign a rental agreement. You’ll be ready to go once you’ve signed this paper.

Indeed, Home Depot truck rental could be what you need to move your things quickly and safely.  Home Depot rental cost is very competitive so you won’t really have to worry about the expenses.  Lastly, there are lots of Home Depot outlets that offer truck rental services which means there is a high likelihood you’ll be able to rent a truck from a Home Depot store near you.


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    Hi, i’m looking to rent a truck for a max of 2 hours top pick up a moped i just recently purchased. Are there any fees, safety deposits, etc other than the ones above I should take into account?

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    I am interested in renting a truck with a hitch so I can tow a motorcycle trailer. Do you have trucks with a hitch. If so how much does it cost to rent it for three days?

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