Menards Truck Rental Prices

Before you look up Menards truck rental prices online, some information about the service will be helpful. It is officially known as Menards Pickup & Go Truck and is one of the many services offered by Menard, which is best known for their chain of home improvement stores.

Below are the latest Menards rental prices.


Truck Rental

First 75 Minutes$18.95
Every 15 Minutes (after the initial 75 minutes)$5.00
Fuel Surcharge (one time fee)$3.50
24-Hours (daily)$89.99
7-Days (weekly)$649.99
30-Days (monthly)$2699.99

History and Company Overview

Menards was founded in 1958 and remains a family owned business. Its main headquarters is located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin with more than 280 home improvement stores throughout the following states: Wyoming, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Ohio, North Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, Kentucky, Kansas, Iowa, Indiana and Illinois.

Menards has established a reputation for quality home improvement services as well as truck rental services. Since the company was founded it has remained true to its goal of providing the best possible service. The company currently offers a wide range of trucks for rental, and they also have a Project Calculator and Design-It Center to help clients with their order and respond to queries concerning merchandise.

Apart from offering friendly customer support for their various services, Menards also offers a wide range of name brand merchandise, supplies, tools and other materials necessary to improve your home. Besides providing high quality tools and utilities, Menards also offers a wide range of in-house home improvement brands including Enchanted Garden/Enchanted Forest, Tool Shop, Tuscany, Grip Fast, Mastercraft, Dakota, Nasterforce and Midwest Manufacturing.

Today the company has become known for their quick and reliable service: whether it’s constructing a new house, adding a patio, a new paint job or replace a light fixture, the answer is available here. The materials sold at Menards are also for those with varying skill levels, from the DIY enthusiasts to contractors and homeowners who just want a simple touch up of their homes.

Aside from general home improvement utilities and tools, Menards also provides garden supplies, lawn tools, pet products and an assortment of brand name appliances and groceries as well. This ensures any trip you make to their store is worthwhile and will no longer necessitate visits to other stores as this is a complete one-stop shop. And once you’re done shopping you can avail of their truck rental service and bring everything home at once.

Equipment and Truck Rental Services

The Menards Pickup & Go Truck is a special rental service that allows you to rent a truck so you can bring home items you bought rather than wait for the items to be delivered to your home. You don’t need to buy anything to avail of this rental service. To rent one of these trucks you have to be at least 21 years old, present proof of insurance and has a valid driver’s license.

If you’re going to rent one of these trucks your insurance card has to show the policy number, company name and effective dates. Payment is done by credit card so you will need that as well. When you rent one of these trucks, there will be helpers to give you a hand with the items. Assistance offered is optional however but it comes in handy if you ordered a large item.

These trucks can be rented for a minimum of 75 minutes. This service will benefit those who prefer a hands-on approach when gathering items, and it’s also for those who order a lot of items but don’t have a trailer or truck. Keep in mind the brand, make and model varies per store and the truck has to be brought back at the business day’s end. Availability varies so check your local store to see what’s available for rent.

For more information on Menards rental, visit their official website.

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