Crash Course in Moving Away to College

One of the rites of passage, so to speak, for many Americans is separating from their parents and moving into their own abodes in preparation for college. You may be moving into a college dormitory, or student housing, or an apartment with your friends but the realities of packing up, relocating, and moving on will sink soon enough. Here are helpful tips to make yet another step in your transition to adulthood easier, if not actually enjoyable.

Sort Out Your Things

Keep in mind that your new quarters, such as a shared dormitory room, will likely be more cramped that your current bedroom, so be sure to pack only the essentials – your clothes, personal accessories, and a few personal belongings, for example. You may have to spend a few hours sorting through your things, placing them in appropriate boxes for donation, storage, and yard sale, and packing the rest for your new life in college.

Before packing your things, you should ideally have scoped up your space. You may need to bring a few more essential items, such as a personal desk fan, curtains, and linens to make your space more comfortable. Your college visitation trips should be put to good use for this purpose.

Hire the Transportation ASAP

With many soon-to-be college students also making their relocation plans, you don’t want to be caught in the rush, much less make hasty decisions. You have to look into your transportation options at U-Haul, make a list of the pros and cons for each package, and discuss the best option with your parents or guardians. Your elders will not only be likely paying for the trip but you will also benefit from their advice borne of experience.  

As a student, you should not hesitate about asking for student discounts, which can be substantial in many car rental companies. You can also take advantage of student discounts and freebie programs in restaurants, grocery stores, and bookstores, among other places, so that you can save the money for emergencies.  

If possible, you should move during the midweek instead of during the weekend. Many of your fellow students will be moving in during the weekend with the view of settling sooner but they will soon find out that the rush of students with a similar mindset will slow them down – so, don’t go with the flow on this one.  

Most important, your moving-away-to-college plan should ideally involve your family and friends. You will not only be getting more helping hands but you will make the transition such an enjoyable time, too.

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