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When it comes to moving, there are only a few companies that are as trusted as U Haul. Since 1945, millions of Americans have moved their stuff with the help of U Haul. When you mention U Haul trailers,  you can be assured of efficient transportation and excellent service.

U Haul truck rental services has grown to become one of the leaders in the industry, an inspiring story of success that goes all the way back to the post World War II era.

Below are the latest U-Haul rental prices.

Item Price

Truck Rentals

Price Per Day

Plus $0.69 per mile.

8' Pickup Truck $19.95
9' Cargo Van $19.95

Plus $0.79 per mile.

10' Truck $19.95
15' Truck $29.95
17' Truck $39.95
20' Truck $39.95
26' Truck $39.95

U-Box Containers Rentals

Internal dimension approximately 95" x 56" x 83.5" (LxWxH)
One U-Box Container (Includes 2 Dozen Furniture Pads) $89.95
Two U-Box Containers (Includes 2 Dozen Furniture Pads) $179.90
Three U-Box Containers (Includes 2 Dozen Furniture Pads) $269.85
Four U-Box Containers (Includes 2 Dozen Furniture Pads) $359.80
Five U-Box Containers (Includes 2 Dozen Furniture Pads) $449.75
Six U-Box Containers (Includes 2 Dozen Furniture Pads) $539.70
Seven U-Box Containers (Includes 2 Dozen Furniture Pads) $629.65
Eight U-Box Containers (Includes 2 Dozen Furniture Pads) $719.60
Nine U-Box Containers (Includes 2 Dozen Furniture Pads) $809.55
Ten U-Box Containers (Includes 2 Dozen Furniture Pads) $899.50

Trailer Rentals

4' x 8' Cargo Trailer $14.95
4' x 7' Utility Trailer $14.95
5' x 8' Cargo Trailer $18.95
5' x 8' Utility Trailer $18.95
5' x 10' Cargo Trailer $29.95
5' x 9' Utility Trailer with Ramp $24.95
6' x 12' Cargo Trailer $29.95
6' x 12' Utility Trailer $29.95
6' x 12' Utility Trailer with Ramp $34.95
Motorcycle Trailer $14.95

Vehicle Towing

Tow Dolly $44.95
Auto Transport $54.95
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History and Company Overview

U Haul was co – founded by L.S. Sam Shoen and Anna Mary Carty Shoen in 1945. The idea to form such a firm was borne out of the couple’s experience .

Sam was discharged from the Navy and tried renting a utility trailer to move their stuff from California to Oregon. But they failed to find one and they were left taking their possessions that could fit in their car.

The Shoens believed that there was an opportunity to make a business out of renting trailers. And so they decided to invest their $5,000 saving and 1937 Ford to start up the business. Together with their son, they thought of the name U Haul and the system for what would be their business.

In the summer of 1945, the family launched U Haul. Their first trailers were second hand, bought from private owners and welding shops. By the end of the year the company had experienced modest growth with 30 open trailers in Portland, Seattle,  Washington,  and Vancouver.

Eventually,  the trailers were painted bright orange to establish an identity. Sales messages like “$2 per day ” and “Rental Trailers” were put on the sides of trailers.  Trailer rentals were made available to customers at service station outlets.

But it was not easy for the company to become successful.  The trailers were not exactly a model of efficiency as they broke down with regularity. The costs of repair more often than not were greater than the rental costs.

Before the turn of the 50s it was possible for customers in the United States to rent a trailer for a one way trip from one city to another. By 1955, the same was possible in many parts of Canada.

The company’s growth was spurred by a unique financing program called the Fleet Owner Program.  Under the program,  enterprising individuals could purchase a fleet of 30 or more trailers. The trailer owner would then outsource the operation of the trailer fleet to ARCOA,  Inc. and share the income brought by the trailer rental.

The scheme was successful enough that by the end of the 50s, the entire trailer fleet of U-Haul would grow to more than 42,000.

Today, U-Haul has headquarters in Phoenix, AZ. It has more than 18,000 employees. Its slogan is “Moving Families to Better Lives since  1945.”

Services and Equipment Offered

U-Haul has grown to become the firm with the largest rental fleet in the DIY moving industry inclusive of trailers,  trucks and towing devices.

U-Haul has moving trucks that range from 10 feet to 26 feet in length. The 26-feet long trucks have a capacity of more than 4 bedrooms while the 10-feet long units have a capacity of one studio apartment.

There are also cargo trailers for rent from U-Haul.  These trailers are lightweight, aerodynamic ,and have better gas mileage than trucks due to their lower profile.

Under the cargo trailer range is a sport trailer which appeals to customers who are always on the go. Sport trailers are ideal for towing hiking gear and sporting goods, and can load up to three times more than what you can fit in a midsized sedan.

U-Haul also offers 4×8 cargo trailers which can easily tow behind any vehicle. This lightweight cargo trailer has a loading capacity of 1,600 pounds.  There are also utility trailers ranging from 4×7, 5×8, 5×9 and 6×12.

U-Haul also has tow dollies for rent. A tow dolly is a cheap way of towing a car. Tow dollies are also lightweight and durable, plus have extra heavy duty chains for towing security.

The company also offers self storage services in North America. The storage facilities are clean, dry, and secure. These facilities are also open seven days a weeks, including holiday. In most locations, the storage facilities have 24-hour access and have climate control features.

U-Haul provides moving and storage boxes as well as different packing supplies designed to protect the possessions of its customers. It also supplies alternative fuel and permanent trailer hitches.

How to Make a Reservation

It is easy to reserve a truck for rent at U Haul. Simply go to the official website of U Haul or click this link: http://www.uhaul.com/Trucks/.

Once your browser has directed you to the reservation page, simply type in the pick up date, pick up location and drop off location. Then click on the ‘Get Rates’ tab.

The browser will then refresh and show you a listing of available trucks, trailers, and cargo vans that are available on the pick up date that you indicated. U Haul trailer prices are also indicated on the page.

You should be at least 16 years old to qualify for U Haul trailer rental and 18 years old to be able to rent U-Haul trucks. You also need a valid driver’s license to be able to rent both trucks and trailers.

Truck rates may vary depending on the rental period and per mile charging. One-way move rates are also determined by factors like the size of the vehicle, starting point, destination, and the date of the move.

For more information, simply refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section on the website.

U Haul trailer rentals are reasonably priced. You can also be assured that the trucks have safety features, and that the vehicles are always maintained well. With the good reputation that U Haul has established through the years, it is not surprising that a lot of families, individuals, and even companies tap the firm for their moving needs.


How much is 10 foot truck rental at U-Haul Rental?

10′ Truck – $19.95 (Price Per Day) – Plus $0.79 per mile.

How much does 4' x 8' Cargo Trailer cost at U-Haul Rental?

4′ x 8′ Cargo Trailer – $14.95

How much is tow dolly at U-Haul Rental?

Tow Dolly – $44.95

How much does 5' x 10' Cargo Trailer rental cost at U-Haul?

5′ x 10′ Cargo Trailer – $29.95

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