Save On Gas From Renting to Driving a Rental Car

Renting a car is one of the best ways to get from Point A to Point B in an unfamiliar place without being at the mercy of the public transportation system, especially the taxis. But you can also be paying for a pretty penny on your gas costs, especially on “get it full, return it full” contracts. Here are a few helpful tips that can result in monetary savings on your gas costs.

When Renting

Keep in mind that gas stations around car rental companies know that customers of the latter will likely fuel up their cars just before returning them and, thus, they will take advantage by posting higher prices. You can win this game, fortunately, by:

  • Making the right choice in a rental car by putting its fuel efficiency a top priority. You should research about this matter on dedicated websites, which allow for comparisons between class, model and year (e.g.,  You will then be able to choose the better car at rental companies like Enterprise.
  • Checking the gas prices on your way out of the car rental zone after picking up your car. You will be able to mentally compare the prices while driving to your destination and make a smarter decision when driving back to return the car. You will also not be under pressure to fuel up anywhere convenient despite the high prices in your haste to make a flight.
  • Considering the purchase of gas some distance away from the car rental return counter. You may be able to get a lower price on the gas.
  • Keeping in mind that most rental companies require only filling up the tank within 10 miles of their respective return lot. You will find that there will be cheaper gas stations at this distance so pick one of them on your return trip, if you were unable to check the prices going to your destination.

You may also use apps and websites specifically designed for the purpose, said tools of which list gas prices in the country, among other uses.

Driving Around

A few tips to boost fuel efficiency on the road include:

  • Fill up the tank with the recommended grade of fuel, such as regular fuel instead of premium fuel when the owner’s manual says so.
  • Use the car’s cruise control particularly on flat road.  
  • Avoid slamming into a stop (i.e., ease into it).
  • Use the air-conditioning since opening the windows can increase drag and use more fuel.
  • Keep the tires inflated.
  • Keep to 60 miles per hour, if possible.

Apply these tips the next time you rent and drive a rental car and you can save money on top of the money saved on the rental fees.  

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