Keeping Yourself Safe on Your Road Trip

Now that you have planned your road trip, your next step should be to plan the safety measures that will keep you and your family safe while on the road. You cannot leave anything to chance, even when there are many things beyond your control including the actions of other people on the road to your destination and back. You should also think that your rental car is akin to a safety deposit box where your valuables, most importantly your family members, are placed in for the duration of the trip.

Be Smart About Your Rental Car

If you are renting a car from Hertz, you should keep these tips in mind to get the best deals on the price and car model.

  • Choose a car that cannot easily be broken into with safety features like steering wheel locks, steering column collars, and brake pedal locks, among others. While these are not fool-proof, layering several anti-theft devices will reduce the chances of your rental car being stolen.
  • Get a car with a large truck with sufficient space for the essentials of your road trip. You may think that a hip convertible may be a good choice but it is not considering its limited space for safe and secure storage of your things.
  • Choose a modest car model, if possible, since it will be less likely to attract attention and thus less likely to be stolen. You are going on a road trip, after all, where getting to and from your destination is more important than driving a flashy car – you’re after the sound condition of the car.  

Once you have driven away in your rental car, you should never leave the rental contract in it. This is because it contains all the necessary information for the thief to avoid detection before you can report the theft to the authorities.

Be Smart About Using the Car

You can also decrease the chances of car theft by keeping these tips in mind:  

  • Always assume that thieves want to steal the contents of your car or the car itself. Park your car in a well-lit area where foot traffic will be higher, perhaps even near areas with police on patrol or security guards are stationed.
  • Hide your valuables in the car’s storage before arriving at your destination. You will not have sufficient time to do so upon arrival, not to mention that you may forget a few things. The rationale: The less valuables that can be seen from the outside, the less likely that thieves will try to break into your car.

Indeed, you have to think of your rental car as you would your own personal car – with the due diligence of a good father of the family.

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