How to Get the Most Value from a Storage Unit

Do you want to avail of Public Storage? You won’t be the first as more and more people are now using it to store equipment, vehicles and other items. It certainly makes sense to look this up if you’ve got stuff that needs to be stored.

What Type of Storage Do You Require?

You’ve probably got an estimate of how much size you need, but don’t settle for one that just has room for all the items you want to put there. The unit must also have space so you can go in and move items in and out with ease.

Do not settle for the cheapest service as chances are it’ll be inconvenient. Always consider breathing and moving space when shopping for a storage unit.


Are some of the items sensitive to temperature fluctuations? If so you’ll need an indoor style storage unit with climate control. If temperature is not an issue, the typical outdoor storage unit will do.

Do you plan to store valuable items? Look for a storage unit with a camera and other security features. Getting insurance on the items is not a bad idea either. Do your homework and verify if the insurance policy includes storing in this type of location.

If there’s no insurance, ask how much it will cost to add one. Usually this feature is available in the major brands.

Office and Gate Hours

Check the office and gate hours. Some storage units only list their gate hours, and the two are not the same. Gate hours tells you when you can access your items, while the office hours is when you’ll be able to talk to their personnel.

Even if the storage unit has extended gate hours, you’ll only be able to talk to their people during office hours in case there is a problem. Don’t ignore this part.

Visit the Site

Inquire if it is possible to see the storage unit before you rent it. Be specific and ask to see the unit you will rent or one that has the specs and features you asked for. This way you know you’re getting what you asked for.


A storage unit is only as effective as it fits your requirements. If the specs don’t fit they’ll be more trouble than it’s worth. But if you follow the tips given above you can be assured of getting maximum value.

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