3 Ways to Get Better Deals on Car Rental

If you’re willing to put in the time, energy and effort into online research, you will find more hidden deals for car rentals. You may even be able to get car rental rates for as low as $13 a day instead of the $55 to $75 a day that many car rental companies ask for.  Here are three ways that you can save money on your dream car rental using the Internet as your primary tool.

Coupons and Discount Codes

You don’t have to be the crazy coupon lady to actually enjoy substantial savings on your car rentals. You just have to keep an eye on coupons and discount codes for car rentals on magazines, newspaper inserts, and online sites. You will get the opportunity soon enough to use these deals on a car rental although you have to use the coupons and codes within their validity period.

How will you get these things? It’s simple – on your Internet browser, type in the appropriate keywords, such as “Hertz discount code”, “Enterprise promo code”, or “Home Depot discounts”. You will be provided with thousands of options especially from popular discount sites – and the hunt begins.  

Booking Sites

You will find that the major booking sites, such as Expedia, Orbitz, and Travelocity, will give a general sense of the land, so to speak, of the car rental industry and its discounted packages. You can then begin searching in other lesser-known sites for comparison purposes and, in fact, many people say that nine out of ten, you will likely get better deals.  

When searching for rental cars, you may want to search for bundled packages, such as airline tickets and car rentals (e.g., flight and car) or airline tickets, car rentals, and hotel accommodation (e.g., flight, hotel, and car). You can tap into the wonderful world of bundled discounts and vacation packages that slash off hundreds of dollars off your travel costs. You will also love the one-stop, cost-efficient, and time-efficient shopping that it provides, a boon in your busy lifestyle.  

Online Aggregators

You should also check with online aggregators since these provide the tools to figure out the range and location of all possible car rental deals. You will be provided with snapshots of car rental rates, which can be quite impressive considering that these show in-depth comparisons.

But when all is said and done, you will get the best rates when booking directly with car rental companies. You will likely get more savings when you have discount codes and price ranges, so apply the abovementioned methods, too.

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